Who Killed John?

A short story I wrote back in 2015 for a class. I just unearthed it as a draft here and thought I might as well post it. Official Report John was dead. Who killed John? John had a seemingly perfect life. He had a loving family and enough money to have a nice house and... Continue Reading →


Culture Shocks: USA-> Chile

Hey everyone! I thought I would write a post on differences I have seen between Chile (more specifically Valparaiso/Vina del Mar) and the USA (more specifically Virginia). These are good things for anyone to take into account if they are travelling to Chile (@Jay @mymom @mybrother)! Everyone will kiss you once on the cheek to... Continue Reading →

Museo Fronck

Sorry I have not been posting very often, I have been very busy traveling and schooling. I am currently in Patagonia! Post to come soon, but until then, here is some info about a local archeological museum in Viña del Mar that I loved. There is a student discount so I paid only $500 pesos... Continue Reading →

After three weeks

What I have learned about Chile: There are A LOT of Chilenismos, meaning words that are only used here in this country. Some of them include: Previa-a pregame before the main event, a discotech(club) Curada-Drunk(woman) Polola-Girlfriend Chachai? -Do you understand? I have also been doing so much--I think that always being on the go is... Continue Reading →

Street Art

I love how beautiful and expressive the streets are in Valparaiso. The walls of buildings are used as "bulletin boards", where people add their ideas and opinions either through notices for upcoming events, graffiti, or murals. Here is some of the murals I encountered in the streets of Valparaiso. The only unfortunate thing is that... Continue Reading →

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