Encouraged to Photograph



So, a few months ago I bought a cheap, old, used, DSLR camera and learned I LOVEEEDDD taking pictures. Soon after, I created this blog as a creative outlet and an outlet for my anxiety. It has done wonders for me in encouraging and motivating me.

Seeing everyone’s posts really puts life into perspective. I wrote poetry and short stories briefly in English/creative writing classes– but this blog has me writing again, and writing often.

Well, thanks to all the encouragement, I started taking pictures for people-life events, portraits, head shots, etc., and I am loving it! I also built up the courage to splurge on a nicer camera, which I will be getting soon, and I am super excited to take and share some beautiful pictures with you all!

I never knew this blog would lead to such beautiful things, and even though I am far from a professional, with a lot to learn, I am making some rainy day money taking pictures(:

So in essence, this is a thank you for all the wonderful people who follow or have checked out my blog(:

This is an amazing community I am glad we are all a part of!


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